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Work Truck Bodies features  the versatile and long lasting Ampliroll hooklift systems.


The key word is "simple". The operator backs the truck toward the container or platform body. With in cab controls, the operator switches on the power take off, lowers the hydraulic arm and engages the body  with the hook. He then activates the two main cylinders  which pull the body onto the chassis and lock it into position. The operator then turns off the power takeoff and drives away. Elapsed time one minute.


  • with a container it is a roll-off

  • with a platform it is a flatbed truck

  • with a dump body it is a dump truck

  • with a recycling body it is a recycler

  • with a lube body it is a lube truck

  • unlimited possibilities


  • the driver never leaves the cab

  • dual main cylinders provide smooth, stable power on, power off capability while the sliding jib allows for optimum weight distribution.

  • the operator can pick up or set down a body at ground level or dock height

  • maximum dump angle is almost 20% greater than conventional roll-offs or dump hoists

  • bodies can be pushed and spotted more accurately, with little chance of damaging the fronts

  • truck alignment is not critical. The operator may approach from any angle within a 60 degree arc.

  • once the body is loaded it is supported throughout its length by the Ampliroll subframe

  • the Ampliroll is virtually maintenance free

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