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          Lease and Finance


Work Truck Bodies can arrange financing and leases to fit your particular situation. A simple one page application is all that is needed and usually no financial statements or tax returns are required. E-mail us at for more particulars.

                                                      Finance Plans

Finance plans have not changed much in recent years. For used trucks the lenders have plans with up to 100% financing and terms from 12 to 60 months are available on most trucks. 

Of course, most truck purchases that are financed still qualify for the IRS Section 179 election to expense in the current year. 

                               Finance Lease

Typically, a finance lease is a full payout, non-cancelable agreement. You are responsible for maintenance, taxes, licenses and insurance. The benefit of this lease type is that you can take advantage of IRS Section 179 and expense up to the amount allowed for the year of purchase.

This type of financing allows you to acquire the truck with considerably less up front money. Normally first and last payment or less is required. Purchase options range from $1.00 to 10% at the end of the lease.

                                 True Lease

A true lease or tax lease are leases for which the lessor retains ownership and you as the lessee may be allowed to claim the entire amount of the monthly lease payments as a tax deduction.  

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