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Work Truck Bodies is pleased to present to you the products designed and manufactured by

 Pacific Truck Equipment Company.

Pacific Truck Equipment will build to your specifications or you may select from their standard production line. E-mail us at with your needs or call us at



  • Pacific bodies maximize compartment dimensions to give you the most in cubic feet of storage.

  • Our overlapping flanges at critical seams provide a perfect seal against adverse weather conditions that can destroy valuable tools and supplies.

  • A solid weld on all headboards (as opposed to stitch welding) gives you the protection you want in the truck cab.

  • The pneumatic one-hand flip-lid supports on open top models allow for easy access and locking.

  • Our triple seal door design with full weather seal around the entire door perimeter completes the protection against the elements.

  • Compare our enlarged weather  striping with other 1/2-inch materials and you will appreciate the best seal available.

  • The "never-lube" door hinges are non-binding to give years of trouble free service.

  • We install three point door securing hardware that utilizes a deadbolt type system for the security essential for your tools.

  • We use spring loaded closures on all doors to keep them in the open or closed position.

  • We use chrome "T" handles and wheel well tubing for the appearance that states success.

  • One piece rolled hinges on open top models are used instead of weaker piano hinge sections, and increases water resistance in flip-top models.

  • All bodies now feature heavy duty 14-gauge front and rear panels to reduce distortion and increase strength for the installation of accessories and 14-gauge compartment bottoms to reduce the chance of distortion and cracking.

  • Our self supporting tailgates eliminate the use of antiquated chains or arms. The "T" handle closure conforms with the other door handles.

  • Pacific bodies are covered by a three year warranty against defects in manufacturing.

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