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Work Truck Bodies offers the versatile Scott contractor body in either aluminum or steel . The first example is an aluminum dump body without fold down sides. For further information please call us at 1-253-863-WORK(9675) or E-mail us at


Scott Lite Contractor/Landscape body


Scott aluminum dump body


  • Light weight in design allows approximately 1000 lbs more payload over a steel body on a 1 ton truck

  • Available in 4 lengths from 8' 10" to 11'4" x 96" wide

  • 6" aluminum long sills

  • 12" sides and rear gates are constructed of 3/16" aluminum

  • Rear corners are 1/4" aluminum

  • 23" double acting tailgate with front trip for spreading

  • Structural aluminum floor eliminates the need for cross members allowing a much lower mounting height

  • Tapered 42" bulkhead of 3/16" aluminum with integrated mesh window and  12" cab guard and bulkhead light options



Scott Magnum Aluminum Contractor Bodies


  • Available in 9' to 18' sizes

  • 3" aluminum I-Beam cross members

  • 6" aluminum channel long sills

  • 1 1/4" x 10" aluminum plank floor

  • 1/4" thick extruded outer rails

  • 42" x 3/8" thick aluminum bulkhead with integrated mesh window and 12" cab shield and bulkhead light options

  • Double walled 14" fold down sides with lever activated cam locks for easy folding and heavy duty nylon bushed hinges. Bodies over 14' have split sides

  • 23" x 3/16" double walled tailgate with dual opening functions, heavy oil lite bronze bushings, lever activated fold down feature and cab trip handle for spreading

  • Rear corners are 1/4" thick double walled


Scott steel contractors body


Scott contractor body on commercial trucks

Scott contractor body on commercial trucks




  • Comes in 10, 12, 14, and 16ft lengths

  • 10 gauge sheet steel construction with high strength tubing

  • 14 inch sides with extension brackets

  • 20 inch dual operating tailgate

  • Fold down and removable sides

  • Permanent corner posts keep sides straight and end gate operable

  • Dump trip standard

  • Available with 45 or 60 inch bulkheads

  • Add a Roll-Rite tarp roll-ritetarpsys.htm


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Work Truck Bodies  1-253-863-WORK (9675)

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