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Work Truck Bodies proudly presents the Scott grain body. This body features a host of standard features and innovations. For further information please call us at                1-253-863-WORK(9675) or E-mail us at


Scott grain body on Chevrolet commercial truck

Scott grain body on Chevrolet commercial trucks


  • Comes in 12 to 24 foot  lengths

  • 10 gauge sheet steel corrugated construction with high strength tubing

  • 40, 50 and 62 inch sides

  • Full opening  three section end gate with forged steel hinges

  • Opening center gate with small center trap for metered flow

  • Double hinged rear header bar allows it to swing either way or be removed

  • Rear rail is stepped to allow doors to fit tight. Door seal kit included

  • Add a Roll-Rite Tarp roll-ritetarpsys.htm


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Work Truck Bodies   1-253-863-WORK (9675)

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